4 Ways to Have a Good Time in New York While on Business

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An event, exhibition or forum in the Big Apple will have you working and playing hard. Apart from the seminars, presentations and sales pitches, you will no doubt find yourself networking, lunching and hosting. Add to this the time spent seeing the sights and indulging in the night-life on offer, and you are likely to be longing for a moment to catch your breath amid all the energy and excitement.

Luckily, the city that has it all gives you plenty of chances to escape from the rush and recharge as well.

Stroll Central Park

Forget the Statue of Liberty, Staten Island or Times Square; of course, while you’re in New York, conference venues will give you access to these places, but the crowds will give you no respite! One place that definitely will allow you space to catch your breath is Central Park. The world-renowned expanse of greenery is the perfect place to take a quiet stroll, a bike ride, or even a picnic, and you’ll feel the weight of busyness slide off your shoulders.

Grab a Slice of Pizza

Attending an event in one of the New York conference venues is not complete without sampling a slice of authentic Big Apple pizza! It may well be an Italian food, but you would be excused if you thought it originated here; certainly, from the way the city shows its devotion to it, it seems to have been raised here! But, if you want to relax, don’t hover in a packed gourmet restaurant waiting for a table; grab a generous slice form one of the many street vendors and find a quiet corner of greenery in one of the city parks to enjoy it.

Catch an Indie Film

Sometimes, nothing helps you escape the pressing concerns of business better than an escape into the world of cinema. Most of the many New York conference venues are just a short walk from any number of independent and commercial cinemas. Apart from the Tribeca and New York film festivals, there is a great variety of international film screenings, small art-house cinemas, and public screenings where you can lose yourself in the magic of make-believe.

Listen to Live Music

After busy meeting and events in one of the New York conference venues you might feel the need to pop in some earphones, flick on your favourite playlist, and erase the overload of information with the sound of your favourite tunes. But this city can go one better: throughout the year, there are small and large spaces devoted to various types of live music, including many free concerts, which gives you the chance to recharge by imbibing in some uplifting sounds. Check the local timetables and take the opportunity to enjoy anything from opera in the park to jazz in a basement.

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