6 Cairo Attractions You Should Visit During Your Egypt Vacation

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Well, the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Sphinx and the Egyptian Museum are attractions as well-known to a random tourist as it can be. However, if you are enjoying an extended stay in the capital Cairo, then you may also think of visiting some of the lesser known attractions. It is not that these attractions are not worthy of a visit or that they are not visited. It is just that tourists on a short Egypt trip often skip them since they pale before the enigma of the pyramids and Sphinx. However, in case you have seen your share of pyramids and Sphinx and find that you still have plenty of time left to sight see, then do go through the attractions we recommend below:

i. The Solar Boat Museum: It is a museum which houses a boat that once belonged to Khufu (the Pharaoh who also has a popular pyramid to his name). It is not a must-visit, unless you love history or unless you would love to know more about the Pharaohs and their royal possessions.

ii. Cairo Opera House: You can add a dash of music to your Egypt trip to pyramids by heading for the Cairo Opera House. Located in the heart of the capital, this spot often hosts some of the most melodious shows and performances. An evening spent here will be an evening well spent.

iii. Dreamland Park: Dreamland Park is an amusement park, and one can always accommodate such an entertaining place in his or her itinerary. It is a must-visit only if you love amusement parks or if you are traveling with your children.

iv. Cairo Tower: Cairo Tower is a popular landmark. One can reach the summit of the tower for a panoramic view of the city. There is a nominal fee which is levied for accessing the summit. You can also have food at this spot, albeit you will have to pay a lot more for that.

v. Memphis Museum: There are some tourists who love museums and there are some who are really obsessed with them. In case you belong to either category, you should include Memphis Museum in your Egypt trip. Though this museum is not very large,it houses some interesting and eclectic artifacts. You will be able to have an eyeful of some of the historic objects of the Egyptians and the Egyptian kings.

vi. Step Pyramid: Though Giza’s Great Pyramid is extremely popular and visited by almost each and every traveler, the Step Pyramid is equally enigmatic, though not as popular. The design of the pyramid is really special out here. So, you can have a really unique experience. Make sure to arm yourself with a good camera since photography is a must at this spot. But tourists are not permitted after 5 pm.

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