How to Know If a Guy Likes You – Here’s How to Find Out What He Thinks About You

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You could spend a lifetime figuring a guy out and you might still come out to be an amateur when it comes to reading what’s in his mind. If you want to ascertain what this guy is feeling for you, here are ways that you could find out:

He's nothing but calm when you're around.

Though he may want to behave confidently, you could still feel his uneasiness because your mere presence has a great impact on him. The closer you get to him physically, the more clammy and ashen white he gets.

He will pretend that everything's cool.

The last thing that this guy wants is to have his feelings become obvious. So he'll try to appear cool in front of you. He will try to impress you by cracking jokes or pitching comments on what you just said. He will have an unmistakable fondness for you.

He will always steal glances at you.

Try to see him through your peripheral vision. If he keeps looking at you when your attention is somewhere else, then this just proves that he's starting to like you. Try to flash a meaningful smile at him and he could very well blush like a tomato!

He doesn't just take glances, he also observes you.

There's more to his glances - this guy wants to find out if you're also feeling the same way about him. Do you also feel uncomfortable when he's around? Do you blush when you see him? Any significant change on your appearance will also be considered.

He will show you his best self.

What better way to show you that he likes you than to present his best self. He will behave like a true gentleman and he'll also be the most decent and good-looking man out there. He might even buy new outfits just to impress you.

He has a cheerful demeanor about him when you're around.

This guy seems to beam with excitement the moment you step into the room. He will greet you with gladness because he's just happy to have you around.

Watch out for his flirting moves.

This guy will move like a pro and he will try to win you with those artistic yet subtle flirting techniques. If he's not used to flirting, he might even end up embarrassing himself, but what the heck! This just proves that he likes you so much that he can't even get his pickup lines right!

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