Soul Mate Success: 6 Quick Tips

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1. Understand Who Men Are

If having a man is the plan, then you need to know who it is you’re dealing with. However, many women are going to the WRONG source to find out about men – other women! Start asking questions and having conversations with male co-workers, family members and friends about who men are and how they think. Would you study a map of Egypt if you’re planning to go to Paris? The great thing about guys, they’re straight shooters and will always tell you the truth.

2. Have Compassion For Men

Men are more in the dark about women than you may realize. How to steer a first date, relationship or create better communication tend to be areas most men don't have much clue about. Please forgive them. As a woman your skill sets with this are MUCH more advanced compared to men. Start educating men on what you need, want and desire vs. making them wrong for not getting it right. They truly don't know what you want, BUT are very keen to find out what will make you happy!

3. Ask For What You Want

Too many women assume men can read their minds - this is an increasing epidemic! TIP: Express your needs regularly and don't presume a man will pick up on those teeny, tiny hints you're dropping about that new restaurant you want to check out - believe me, he's missing those hints. For more on this, see # 4.

4. Communicate Clearly

Women thrive in a random world. It's second nature for you to multi-task and operate on 16 different tracks all at the same time. The problem; most women tend to communicate in the same way (randomly). Skipping from one point to the next in a high pitched tone makes a men work very hard to decipher what you're trying to say. With men, talk low and talk slow. They're just not wired to receive random messages at the same time. As Spock would say, "it's just not logical, Captain."

5. Heal Your Past

If you've had an online profile up for while and been putting yourself out there socially with little results, it's time to step inside and go within. You're like a radio frequency and men can pick up on whether you're happy and healed OR a hurting Heidi. See a counsellor, hire a coach or attend that transformational workshop you've been considering all year.

6. Raise Your Standards

Wherever you place your standards, a man will always meet you there. If you keep lowering the bar on what you expect from a man or compromising your values, you'll never experience true happiness in a relationship. If you've become a "Master Adapter", twisting yourself into a pretzel to accommodate a man's life and needs, you may want to listen to what I had to say about this on my free call last night where I explain why women do this and how to STOP, OK?

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