There Are Countless Ways to Subtly Tease a Guy – There Are Countless Ways to Make It Happen

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Women are bigger teasers than men are, when it comes to teasing. It only goes to show that you are playful and fun to be with, even for a serious relationship that may bloom later. Nothing should stop you from indulging in some amount of tease once your relationship gets going. It only helps keep a relationship alive. Here are innumerous ways to subtly tease a guy.

Attempt to make him comfortable

When you meet a guy you could first get to know him in a manner that you could make him feel comfortable with you right away. He'll think the world of you at that point of time. It will make him feel as though he's known you for years together.

Draw his total attention

Get him so engrossed in his attentiveness to you that his eyes and ears are all yours alone. Make him completely mesmerized in his attention to you that he is unable to get his eyes off you, no matter who else is around calling his attention.

Make lighted conversation

Direct your conversation to light hearted jokes and funny anecdotes to keep him in splits of laughter. He too will then come out with amusing and light hearted fun conversation and jokes to keep the atmosphere ringing with your laughter.

Playful suggestions

If you're dressed in an outfit that is suggestive, make full use of the outfit to tickle his imagination further. This will take his thoughts off on a journey of inspirational activities involving him and you. Probably you'll find his eyes focused in the distance at this time.

Dare to touch him

It would certainly tease him when he feels the touch of your fingers running down his arm or along his fingers when his hand is on the table. You could also playfully brush against him in a playful mood when picking up something from the floor.

Use of suggestive gestures

Suggestive gestures like licking your lips or your finger while staring him directly into the eyes will give him ideas to gloss on. You could also run your toes down his leg under the table. These would be very suggestive gestures to keep his imagination running wild.

A step further

Attempt to move closer to him. Whisper something into his ear and as you turn to do so you could lightly and playfully brush your bosom against his upper arm. This will be the height of tease that you could resort to. Give him a playful look to acknowledge his reaction.

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