What Can I Do to Get Rid of Post-Natal Constipation?

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Are you suffering from post natal constipation? Do you want to do something to relieve the pain? Here are some helpers presented to guide you out of this discomforting state.

During a stressful period as a new mother the fewer problems you have the easier it is to focus on your role as a mother, but also to feel less stressed. Therefore it is always good to know what you can do to prevent problems following the birth. It is easy to forget to drink and eat properly so by having some standard routines can help you to get through your everyday life in a simple and relaxing way.

As you will have a lot to do and mostly focus on the baby it often helps to think about yourself once in a while. Suffering from constipation can often be prevented which can make you feel more relaxed. To keep your bowel functioning it’s important to stop the constipation. There are different methods for this and you have to find out which one works best for you. A combination of the following tips is most likely to make your digestive health work properly and de-stress your being.

When you are stressed you often eat out or on the go. This can lead to a poor gut flora if you forget to supplement with magnesium and probiotics. An easy way, instead of changing your habits, is to simply complement with magnesium and probiotic supplements. If the latter is a too expensive matter, another way is to eat pickled foods and sauerkraut. By making this change magnesium will help your bowel to function properly and probiotics will prevent the sluggish digestive system and help the healthy, good bacteria to flourish in the gut.

It is also easy to forget to drink water. To stay hydrated is very important to keep your body and gut functioning as they should. Try not to wait too long without water, have a bottle of water with you at all times and drink throughout the day. A minimum of three litres of water a day is suggested.

Another tip is to have regular colonic irrigation. This treatment works as pain relief as it also removes toxins out of the colon, which can be the reason for the constipation. The procedure might seem like a luxury, especially since it takes about 45 minutes to undertake, but it also de-stresses and detoxes your body which is important in an already stressful environment. Further it gives you a moment for yourself so you can comfortably relax and combat the constipation at the same time.

Stay hydrated, supplement with probiotic and magnesium supplements and frequently use colonic irrigation and your constipation will hopefully soon be a thing of the past, and you can even become more balanced and relaxed.

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