To become an active, happy and healthy lifestyle

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To become an active, happy and healthy lifestyle

A person is determined by his lifestyle. A good lifestyle can shape you to be a better person. What should you do to become a healthy and active lifestyle?

(1) Drink fruit juice rather than coffee

Yes. Coffee has both positive and negative effects on health. Drinking coffee can lead to irregular heartbeat and sleep disorders. Replacing it with natural fruit juices is more nutritious and healthier.

It is important to eat a healthy diet of natural fruits and vegetables as food is one of the key players in maintaining good health and suffering from illness.

(2) Write more by hand

Practice writing more than typing. Handwriting can make your mind more focused and more focused on any text you write. Nowadays, it is like writing a diary by hand. Fewer people are writing a book by hand. Handwriting enhances creativity and fun.

(3) Plant a tree

Loving trees and flowers is a wonderful human nature. Planting is a habit that can provide lasting happiness. Planting small trees every year not only preserves the environment but also makes you feel better.

(4) Walk the streets

Walk to a place where you do not have to drive. Unnecessary motorcycle Avoid using cars and motor vehicles. It’s a healthy habit and it’s doing its best to prevent pollution.

(5.) Laugh and be happy

You may have heard that in the midst of adversity, humor is temporarily released. Even when this is difficult, if humor is important, you can understand that having a good sense of humor is as important as life itself.

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