Why is it that I still have a stomach ache despite losing weight?

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Why is it that I still have a stomach ache despite losing weight?

Readers may have heard people complain that they do not know why they are suffering from stomach cramps when they are underweight or underweight. Some may be overweight but have less belly fat. I would like to share some bad habits that can cause heartburn.

1. Eating ready-to-eat foods

Eating processed foods can make you feel bloated. These foods contain sodium, which is bad for your health. So eat more natural vegetables.

2. Eating too fast

Eating too fast without chewing gum can also lead to belly fat. It is also bad for your digestive system and can cause stomach upset.

3. Drinking lots of carbonated soft drinks

Soda Carbonated drinks can upset the digestive system. It causes inflammation of the stomach and abdominal pain. Instead of carbonated soft drinks, drink water and natural fruit juices.

4. Eating before going to bed

You should eat at least 3 hours before going to bed. Choose light foods. Otherwise, it can make you gain weight.

5. Not fasting

Your favorite foods are fried foods, If you have a snack, avoid those foods. Some people want to lose weight but do not fast. If it is not good for you, it is best to avoid it.

Most importantly, eat a balanced diet. Get some exercise. Drink plenty of water. Reduce stress. Stay active. Then you will inevitably have a slim belly.

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