Extraordinary practices that can be harmful to your health

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Extraordinary practices that can be harmful to your health

Some people have said that if you do something for 21 days in a row, it can become a habit. But experts say it is not easy to calculate exactly how long it will take to become a habit. New habits are easy to cultivate. Depending on the difficulty, it may take from 18 to 254 days. Let’s take a look at some of the habits you may already be familiar with and some of the habits you may be unknowingly throwing away in your life.

Using an alarm clock

Waking up from a sudden wake-up call is dangerous for the heart. It can raise blood pressure and increase adrenaline levels, which can increase stress levels. Suddenly, I feel as though I’re in a trance, and I feel as if I’re in a trance. Experts recommend going to bed early every day and waking up in the morning light, if possible. If you have to wake up before sunrise, keep the alarm low.

Excessive use of tonics

Some people take a lot of supplements to supplement their body’s need for vitamins. However, the findings show that taking a large number of such supplements does not increase the health benefits. For example, it does not reduce the risk of heart disease or cancer, nor does it help with conditions such as memory loss or nerve damage. It is better to get a healthy diet than to take too many supplements.

Wear high heels every day

High heels; Wearing high heels can increase your height, but wearing them for long periods of time can cause damage to your body. According to research, women who wear high heels almost every day are more likely to have foot health problems. These problems are:

Slip body balance and bend the legs
Excessive pressure on the ankle
Injuries to the joints can lead to arthritis in the knee
And back pain.

Eating fast food

Eating is one of the most busy things in this day and age. But if you do not want to gain weight in the long run, avoid this behavior as much as possible. The faster you eat, the more food you eat, which can lead to indigestion. In addition, fat accumulation around the waist. High blood pressure There is a risk of developing high blood sugar.


When you see the skin peeling off, it is becoming a habit. But try not to leave. Exfoliation is a sign that your body is getting rid of damaged cells, and in the meantime the skin is very young and sensitive, so let it go on its own. Also, you need to keep those areas hydrated and drink plenty of water. Wear protective clothing when outdoors to protect yourself from UV rays.

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