Defendants who are disturbed by sleep deprivation every night

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Defendants who are disturbed by sleep deprivation every night


Sleep deprivation can make you feel tired when you wake up in the morning. In addition, not getting enough sleep can lead to weight gain. Here are some tips to help you get rid of sleep disorders.

The temperature is too high. The temperature is too cold


The hot, dry summer weather disturbs a good night’s sleep. When you go back to sleep with the air conditioner on, it is most important to keep the temperature on so that it does not get too cold.

Exercise close to bedtime

Readers may have some sports enthusiasts who are late for work on the gym but do not want to miss a day off. But if you want to play sports at night, you need to get at least three hours of sleep at a time. Without milk, a person will be active and unable to sleep.

Taking a nap during the day

Whether it is a holiday or not. Bedtime should be at regular intervals. When you can not sleep at night because you sleep during the day on the weekends, your bedtime will be disrupted.

Insomnia due to light

Not to mention the bright lights, the dim lights make it difficult to get a good night’s sleep. Make sure you turn off all lights in your room or close your eyes when you go to bed at night because it often wakes you up.

Misuse of your bed

Your bed should only be used for sleeping. Never bring unfinished business to bed.

Too noisy

At night, there is a lot of noise on the road. Sleep deprivation can be caused by loud noises from neighbors. If so, you may need to wear a hearing aid. Get a good night’s sleep by listening to soothing music.


Excessive caffeine intake

Caffeine can cause a person to wake up and fall asleep. Therefore, coffee, tea, Eat caffeinated foods such as chocolate before 2pm.

To help you fall asleep faster

Read If you go to bed but do not get to bed for 20 minutes, pick up a book. Read with a simple book, not a tablet or phone. This is because the lights on your phone and tablet will block your sleep.

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