Things that girls do when they are madly in love with their boyfriend

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Things that girls do when they are madly in love with their boyfriend

At the beginning of a relationship, boys’ love is 100% and girls’ love is only 10%. As time goes by, girls’ love increases from 10% to a shade. In the end, all the love is shown to that one boy. So, as a girl, if you are madly in love with your boyfriend, you will do these things.

(1) I will want to be together all the time

She will feel that the time spent with her lover is the perfect time for her. Even if we are not together, I will want to make a video call online and see each other face to face. I want to hear my lover’s voice at dawn. When I’m about to go to bed, I want to go to bed with my lover’s good night sound. When she is out of touch with her lover, she will feel very hot, like a blackout in the afternoon.

(2) Will become unreliable

I always feel insecure about my lover. She believes that her boyfriend is faithful to her, but her anxiety is overwhelming. These days, we often hear stories about snitching, and it’s because you don’t trust other girls than you trust your girlfriend that you’re insecure.

(3) Needs can be accepted

No matter what your lover’s needs are, if you are madly in love, you will be able to understand all of these. When the lover is successful, we will be happy together. He will give the best comfort when he fails. He will never say any kind of words or actions that do not think well of him.

(4) The times of fighting will decrease

A couple that doesn’t fight at all is rare. However, a girl who is madly in love with him has a girl’s natural temper, but she doesn’t want to spend long periods of time sulking. You will want to live your life in a calm and peaceful way.

(5) Will consult about the future

Since you are madly in love with your lover and have devoted all your love to him, you will want to create and shape the future together with him. I will dream of marrying him and having children and a happy family life. Both of them will spend less than usual and will be encouraged to save for the future.

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