Ways to get rid of bitter memories between two bodies

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Ways to get rid of bitter memories between two bodies

There is a truth. Even the most loved couples have children. So you have to imagine a romantic relationship that is always happy. Real life is bitter. But bitter memories can be cleared between the two bodies.

(1) Use small praise sandwiches

Anyone would rather be praised than criticized. A compliment is a compliment that comes with full information, not just a free lift. Things that meant something, even when I had a fight with my lover. Note these carefully. If you accidentally go back to a disappointing past world, you can use this to turn it into a fun memory.

(2) Completely hide some things

It is impossible to forget a memory. It is better to be careful and observe. In the case of couples who come from unequal life situations, their views on each other’s lives and ideas may be north and south opposites.

Rediscover whether this conflict is really in your mind. After that, you should explain and discuss this topic so that your lover can understand and reach an agreement. Being open about what you need to understand and being honest about what you want to understand about yourself are both important.

(3) Use laughter medicine

You can’t sit and wait for fun to happen. Being able to make fun of the current situation is an important way of life. With your lover, this way of living is even more important.

(4) Acknowledgment; Thank you

Couples who have been together for a long time treat each other like a gift, and there are many people who are satisfied and grateful for this love. Thank you for loving me. Thanking him for accepting your love increases the respect between couples and is the best remedy for problems that arise during awkward times.

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