5 mistakes you should never make to keep your current job

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5 mistakes you should never make to keep your current job

Nowadays, running a tiger’s spear will be easy. Getting a job is not easy at all. To find a job that suits you, you have to go around town and fill out CV forms, but it only takes minutes to get fired. If you want to stay in your current job for a long time, consider not making the mistakes that I will tell you now.

(1) Conflict

Conflict among employees in the workplace is one of the biggest mistakes. No matter how bad your relationship is with the person, no matter how bad your opinion is, you should not engage in physical attacks. No matter how annoying you are, hold on to the wise words of not getting angry, and be careful not to respond with anger.

(2) Being late to the office

Even if you don’t get fired for being late to the office once or twice, if you’re always late to the office, you can’t guarantee that your place will last forever. For foreign companies, being late to the office is even more unacceptable. Being late to the office is a sign of disrespect for the company and can be commented on as a weak person who doesn’t value time.

(3) Abuse

Misuse of money in many companies There are many problems such as using the company name for personal gain. People tend to make mistakes whenever they are faced with a crisis, but this kind of mistake will cause a big stain in life that cannot be repaired. Just getting fired from your job won’t be the end of the matter, but you’ll be left with a bad reputation that you can’t recover from for the rest of your life.

(4) Drinking alcohol

Drinking alcohol during office hours is absolutely unforgivable. Currently, there are many people who have been fired because of this crime. It’s because he’s drunk himself. You should never drink alcohol during office hours, whether it’s with colleagues or not. I think it’s good to have a relaxing drink when I’m off the office and on the weekend.

(5) Social corruption

The problems of scandals involving colleagues who work in the same workplace are socially deviant, and are among the crimes that are serious enough to be fired. It doesn’t matter if young men or women fall in love with each other, but married and socially deviant acts between employees is an ethical issue that should be avoided completely. In some companies with strict rules, there are laws that no one is allowed to have a girlfriend in the same office, regardless of whether they are single or single.

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