Most girls are afraid to choose men as their spouses

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Most girls are afraid to choose men as their spouses

In this age where everything is changing, online dating is gradually emerging. But even though there are so many online dating sites like this, why are there so many FAs nowadays? Today, I’m going to tell you about the traits that are common in people who are born to be a FA for life and what kind of men most girls are afraid to choose as a mate.

Mother’s beloved children

People who stay at home with their parents until they are over the age of 24-35 have a high percentage of becoming FA. It is very convenient to live with my mother. My mother cooks. Cleaning the bedroom. Washing clothes. Sometimes, if you’re clever, I even give you some pocket money. D

But if you are already with your parents, you can listen to them. Many girls do not choose people who stay at home as partners. Because they are reluctant to build a marriage with someone who cannot stand on their own two feet.

A fan

“I can’t make an appointment with you tonight. Manchester United will come tonight.” Such people are willing to give up anything for their passion. They have friends who are always waiting for you. Their houses are always football, It’s full of glass and so on.


You might wonder what FA has to do with sculptors. Actually, I don’t want to talk about the sculptor who made the sculpture. I mean people who mold other people into what they want. These people are people who force other people to be the way they want them to be. Girls don’t stay around these people for long.

The person whose phone is ringing all the time

The next person’s life stories are heartbreaking. You talk about fun things, but you can’t be interested. If you’re just looking at your phone all the time, no one will like it. No one likes sitting around on Facebook replying to other people even when they are watching a movie or eating together. As such people, there is a high percentage of people who can make a bone alone.

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