How to get past the Friend Zone so that you can hang out with a friend you have a crush on?

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How to get past the Friend Zone so that you can hang out with a friend you have a crush on?

My friend next to me is looking cute, isn’t it? Have you really enjoyed the moment you stole her face one day? There will be a problem. It’s a never-ending view of the Friend Zone. The Friend Zone is a restricted area and a free white area at the same time. But there is a problem with no problem. It’s because I’m already excited about him. So, this article will give you some tips on how to get past the Friend Zone.

(1) Open up

When the time comes, we need to talk. As the saying goes, if you eat the mango before it’s ripe, it won’t be sweet, so when it’s ready, tell him how much you love him. “We are friends. Be prepared to face the words “let’s stay the same”.

(2) Give time

First, give him more time. Patience is the key here. Sacrifice will pay off in the long run.

(3) Listen

You have to tell him about your life and listen carefully to what he wants to say. You need to make him feel that this boy is important to his life. One thing is that it is too disfigured and should not be taken care of.

(4) Face together

If he has any difficulties, If there is a problem with him, solve it together. Understand that you and him together are a force. The girls will be able to rely on them. I don’t shake my head at a good man who stands up straight in times of trouble.

(5) Keep trying

If you really love, don’t throw it away. Even when you can’t expect her response, prepare your heart and keep showing love to her. Take care and support. Even if you work hard to win someone’s love, even if it’s true in theory, you’ll want to work in real life. But try. At least she knows there is someone in the world who loves her.

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