Every boy should know the words girlfriends don’t like at all

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Every boy should know the words girlfriends don’t like at all

Most girls like boys who are talkative and talkative, and give them more opportunities. However, if they say something they don’t like, just remember that rain is on fire. So, if you don’t want to get angry with your girlfriend, you need to know the words that girls don’t like at all.

(1) As if coming

It’s a strange and wonderful habit of girls who can’t say that they bought it even if they really got fatter than before. The day I arrived was a day when the boys would really be looking for coils. So, if your girlfriend is having sex, remember that she is having sex. Don’t even pretend to say it.

(2) I’m so lazy

Some girls even think that being bored is boring. But don’t tell them you’re boring. If you tell them you’re bored, they’ll get really angry and explain that you’re not bored, with endless reasons that you don’t know where the ending will end, like watching the widowed girl Ganga.

(3) waste money

There is only one term in the girls’ dictionary: spending money. They don’t accept wasting money at all, and it’s one of the most hated words for them. Buy as soon as you see a discount. Buy as needed They buy things they don’t need, but they don’t think it’s a waste of money.

(4) I ate a lot

If you tell girls that you eat too much, you will be met with retorts about what you eat with your own mouth. Girls are the ones who are satisfied by having something to eat all the time. So if he eats, just keep it in your heart that he is hungry.

(5) Don’t you even know this?

Most girls like boys who can lead, but they don’t like being a teacher at all. The kind of words that treat them as if they are useless are the words that hurt the heart the most. So even if there are things they don’t know, tell them for sure. Don’t treat it like it’s useless.

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