Behaviors that can make the problem between two lovers worse

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Behaviors that can make the problem between two lovers worse

Almost every couple is upset when two lovers fight. But there are many cases where some couples get back together within minutes of a fight, while others escalate their problems to the point where they end up breaking up with a broken nose and a bloody nose.

When you fight, others are fine for a while, but if you have bigger problems that you can’t solve, please review whether you are doing the things I will tell you now.

(1) old wounds

It’s natural for couples to be able to talk without losing if they’ve been fighting a lot. The worst thing that can happen in such a conversation is to repeat past mistakes and open up old wounds. No one can bear to talk about their past mistakes and old wounds. Then the problem can grow more.

(2) Arrogance

When you fight, fighting with each other can lead to more mistakes. It is more common mainly among young couples. Because the pride of the youth is in front, they fight again with the feeling that you have already done it. The end result of sarcasm is that more problems are solved. So don’t make fun of each other.

(3) Parting talk

It is a really wrong thing to talk about breaking up every time there is a problem. Whether it’s a girl or a guy, if it’s a problem, you have to solve it first. There is no solution, there is no negotiation to resolve, and we really cannot break up.

(4) Throw it away without solving it

If it is a problem, it will be solved. If left unsolved, after a while, wounds accumulate in one’s heart and suddenly explode. So if it’s a problem, fix it right away. Make sure to ask what you are not satisfied with and how it happened.

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