If he is your forever man, he will have these 3 qualities

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If he is your forever man, he will have these 3 qualities

As you know, Love is completely different from the rom-com movie. Not all of us can find the right person at a train station or at a bar or at a friend’s wedding. Sometimes we have already seen them, but time is not on our side. Sometimes we lose them but to our surprise one day they come back to us.

In fact, the person you will spend time with is not the person you imagined before. They may not carry all the characteristics and physical attributes that are on your checklists. They will not fulfill your dreams.

Your forever person will have these 3 qualities

1. Your forever man will be flawed and annoying at times

You will love them. You will disappoint them. They will take you through hell and lead you to good places. You will doubt them. You will be confused by them, But they will grow fond of you. They will always have a place in your heart.

2. Your forever man will be someone you can be comfortable with at any time of the day

You are not afraid to open up to them. And you know you’ll be there for them, even if you don’t say the right words when they hear them. Their presence will be enough to calm your inner storm.

Just finding the right person doesn’t make your life a fairy tale. I’m sure you’ll feel better, but the struggles, Still going through hard times and stupid times.

The only difference is that if you have a loved one, you can manage the problems. Because there is someone around you who will make every day worth it.

3. Your forever person will be a mirror image of you: a beautifully messy human being

They will not be the main characters in the film. They cannot save the world. Your forever man will help you get everything right in life. If you think about it, that’s really enough.

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