Things to avoid in order not to lose your relationship with your very close friends

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Things to avoid in order not to lose your relationship with your very close friends

There are many cases where a boarder panel is broken because of a single word or action, whether it’s a young friend, a big friend, or even a big friend. No matter how close friends are, it’s not going to work out if you don’t set some boundaries. Today, I would like to tell you some things to avoid if you don’t want to lose your boarding pass with your very close friends.

(1) Borrowing money

Don’t lend money to people is very true. No matter how close they are, if there is a financial scandal in the friendship sector, it will not be convenient for a long-term relationship. Therefore, you should completely avoid any financial scandals such as borrowing money from close friends.

(2) Being involved in a romantic relationship

It is difficult for an outsider to know about a relationship built by two people. If there’s a problem with your friends’ Rs, you can’t be sure who’s wrong and who’s right, so it’s better not to enter. There is also a saying that you should not intervene, so you should avoid criticizing your friend without knowing it.

(3) Initiation

You might think that bantering among boarders is not annoying. But the other person’s intolerance of weakness should not start as a joke. I’m not joking, but I start teasing for fun, but don’t start teasing about things that your friends and roommates don’t like, because it can lead to strong feelings in the other person.

(4) Downhill

Have you ever met a friend who, after sitting down and eating at any restaurant, would go down the hill every time they were about to pay? Going downhill once or twice can be understood and excused, but those who always go downhill for various reasons will be gradually shunned by the boarders. So if you don’t want to lose the board, always avoid going downhill.

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