6 secrets to make your partner be yourself

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6 secrets to make your partner be yourself

It’s hard to tell what guys want, but there are subtle behaviors women do that they’re secretly obsessed with. There are many strange things that attract boys, including the practice that girls themselves are not aware of. Small gestures are often charming gestures for them. Even if it’s not a cute gesture from a girl, boys appreciate it and are crazy about it.





1. Leaning on her

Boys are only human, so there are times when they are sad and tired. At that time, what they needed was to be in her arms, Leaning on her arm, Resting on her lap was the best medicine. She is also a forceful behavior for him, so women should fulfill it accordingly. They deserve the best sense of security.

2. Make the first move on your side

Everything is fixed and cannot be calculated. There’s a lot of pressure that boys always initiate. Most guys, especially shy ones, feel pressured to even hold your hand. This is not because of lack of love, but because of instinct. Take care of the one you love. Kindness is not a gender-specific thing, so starting to act on your side as much as possible is your attractiveness to them.

3. Text him first

As a girl, if you’re looking for ways to make your boyfriend like you more, text him first. Sending him a text brightens up his daily routine. There is trust and good communication processes are achieved. Gone are the days when only men texted first, and there is no shame in texting someone you love first.

4. Speak with full eyes

When you want to tell him that he is your most important person, words are more valuable than words. When discussing a topic, send your sparkle through your eyes. This will excite him and make for unforgettable moments of how attractive you are.

5. Really listen

Sometimes guys hope for something important in their life or someone they can confide in about their little stress. Women tend to want to listen to him, but forget to listen to his words. Boys are very fond of mutual partners.

6. Do the little things she thinks

Girls who tell jokes make guys feel comfortable and are the kind of girls they value and admire. Biting while kissing is also an attraction that every girl does. Playing the little hair in the wind, I kissed him suddenly, wearing his coat, Walking hand in hand, Little things like letting him know that he’s proud to be with her, touch his heart.

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