If there is anger between two lovers, here are some ways to do it

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If there is anger between two lovers, here are some ways to do it

In a relationship, I think that more than the usual anger between two lovers, anger has arisen because of misunderstandings and inappropriate things. If it goes beyond a limit that everyone can tolerate, it can lead to angry outbursts, destruction, and nosebleeds. So, if something angry happens between two lovers, try these little methods.




(1) Be alone for a while

Sometimes the problems become more complicated and anger grows. Being angry usually leads to the wrong direction, so it is better to be alone for a while until your blood cools down. Rather than arguing with each other, being alone will reduce the negative impact. Once the anger has subsided, it is good to resolve the problem.

(2) Review the source of the problem

Sometimes a small issue can turn into a big outrage. Once a problem has started, the cause of the problem disappears and is covered only by anger and arguments. So, if you are already feeling very angry, reflect on the source of the problem that caused this anger. If it’s a small issue, remind yourself not to get frustrated and angry.

(3) Avoid hitting with words


A person is not killed by a knife. If you hit with words, you can die. When I’m angry, my desire to win is covered by darkness, so I automatically say harsh words. If you try to win and talk about things that happened in the past, you can make the problem grow more and more. So be careful with every word you say when you are angry.

(4) Clear the bumps in your mind once and for all

Some of them are angry, but they keep it inside and don’t show it. It’s not really a tolerance, it’s a conception of anger in the mind. You can suppress it once or twice, but if it happens many times, it can cause a big mental explosion. So if there is a problem, clear it immediately. Dissatisfaction should be cleared up immediately and not leave any lumps in the mind.


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