The characteristics of a good roommate and a good friend that you should not let go of

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The characteristics of a good roommate and a good friend that you should not let go of

Everyone has friends and roommates, but it’s rare to have good roommate friends. If you have a good friend who matches the points I’m going to tell you now, then you should value your friendship with that friend.




(1) Can feel shared

Some people say they’re just friends, but if there’s no profit left for me, I won’t hang out anymore. There are a lot of people who were very dear friends when there was a flood, but when there is a shortage, they can’t even catch a spear. Such people cannot be good in any way. Being together, being happy together, being sad together, and sharing everything together is the quality of good friends.

(2) have the same mind

Have you ever met a friend that you don’t have to negotiate with, whether it’s going to God or going to the club, doing good or bad? Although it is difficult to have the same likes and dislikes with a person, if you already have the same passion among many different people, then you can consider that person to be your best friend.

(3) We are ready for each other

It’s rare to have friends who are always there for each other. A good roommate is a good friend who will always be ready to help each other if you call because you are upset, and if you ask for help because of a fight, you will always be ready to help each other.

(4) Believable

Close friends need to be trusted like blood relatives. We don’t keep many secrets from each other. Everything is open. About work, family, boyfriend, and the latest finances. It is not a nation that will never betray you. If you also observe the rules that you should observe for each other, then that person is a good roommate for you.

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