How to politely refuse people who come to borrow money so as not to lose their goodwill

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How to politely refuse people who come to borrow money so as not to lose their goodwill

Saying no is hard for those who agree. It is quite difficult to say no, especially when borrowing money between boarders. In fact, a friend should help you if you are in trouble. But those who have lost a lot of money due to unfaithful friends will be quite afraid to borrow money. For this reason, it is necessary to refuse politely so as not to lose the friendship.

(1) Discipline

When it comes to money, you need to build yourself up as a disciplined person. Half of the people who end up borrowing money are people who are easy to borrow money and are reluctant to ask for money back. First of all, if you don’t want people to hate you with your own money, you have to be disciplined in lending money.

(2) Reject immediately

Don’t want to borrow money? Rejected immediately. I will reply whether I can borrow money tomorrow or not. Don’t do it. On the other hand, people have to wait. I must be tired because I can’t stop thinking. The best thing to do is to politely decline the loan right away if you can’t afford it.

(3) Explain the reason

As the saying goes, it will be clear from now on. First, clearly touch on the issue and politely decline. Now, if the friend who borrows money has not committed to the money in the past, he will have to refuse even more. Tell me briefly and delicately about the difficulties you are having now. The important thing is not to do anything to think of the other person who borrows money, and you need to be tactful in your choice of words.

(4) Help as much as you can

There is a saying, borrow as much money as you can afford. For example – if you can afford 1,000, then don’t borrow 2,000. If he doesn’t borrow as much as he wants, he will have less regrets if he only lends as much money as he can afford to lose. Even if you can’t borrow money, you can find other ways to solve the problem of the other party, and you can’t be blanketed with prayer.

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