Points to avoid in order to have beautiful and clean toes

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Points to avoid in order to have beautiful and clean toes

Little toes are a symbol of personal hygiene. Clean toes are one of your charms. They look at girls with a beautiful face, and boys look at the cleanliness of their feet. Clean toes make you more proud. So, what should I wear to have beautiful and clean toes?




Carry Wet Tissues

Others carry Wet Tissues for facial sweat and oiliness, but I have to carry them to clean my feet. especially dirt the mud This Wet Tissue will be very useful when you have gone to a place with thick sand and it is not convenient to wash with water.

Clean and remove the dirt

Next, use a fine pumice stone and a brush to clean the hard areas of the legs and between the toes. Clean especially between the toenails of the feet. There are often more genes between the toes of that foot.

How to do a Foot Spa

Even if you don’t want to go to shops, you can do Foot Spa at home. First, add some coarse salt and baking soda powder to warm water. Put your feet in it and soak for about 5 minutes.

Use a foot mask

After cleaning between the toes, children can use a disposable foot mask and put their feet together. At the place where you choose the mask, you can choose and buy according to your needs. For example, the type that moisturizes the skin. You can choose to buy the type that makes it white and clear.

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