How to deal with jealousy so as not to cause each other hurt feelings

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How to deal with jealousy so as not to cause each other hurt feelings

There is something to think about whether pregnancy is essential in a relationship between two lovers. It’s human nature, even if someone comes and touches a personal item, they don’t really trust it. Anyway, jealousy should be in love, but it causes hurt feelings and mistrust in each other, so I would like to share a good way on how to deal with jealousy.




  1. Consider your relationship.

One of the best ways to deal with miscarriage is to reevaluate your relationship. For example, have you built trust in your relationship? We should consider whether there is mutual respect and love. Because the words you say show that you trust and respect each other.

  1. Try to understand the feeling of being pregnant.

If you are pregnant, your emotions are often complicated. fear of losing angry, angry Feeling betrayed, hurt, Sadness, etc. I’m sure you have mixed feelings. So try to understand the feeling of being pregnant.

  1. Consider yourself.

As long as you are narrow-minded, there will be insecurities and problems in the relationship between the two lovers. So if I’m pregnant, why am I pregnant? How do you feel when you are pregnant? Are you angry or scared? Think about why you are angry and why you are afraid. As you ask these questions, your short-tempered mind will gradually decrease.

  1. Listen carefully to what your lover has to say.

When the boyfriend explained, You should listen carefully to what he has to say with respect. When you’re pregnant, show her that you’re listening instead of pretending you don’t know what to say.

  1. Talk to your lover and understand.

Say things you don’t like to your partner. Everyone has different preferences. Their behavior is different, so there will be things they don’t like about each other. Instead of keeping those things inside of me, how about doing things I don’t like. Please tell me which one to correct. Understand each other.

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