Their reasons for deciding to stay single without a girlfriend

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Their reasons for deciding to stay single without a girlfriend

Many people say to those who don’t have a girlfriend, “Have a girlfriend?” If you’re going to be a laughing stock, you should have a prescription for life, right?” In fact, most of the single people want to have a girlfriend as people think, but it is possible that there are some factors behind this.




I can’t find the time

Those who don’t want to waste valuable time in their lives for others, go to school alone without a boyfriend. Of course, once you have a girlfriend, you’re definitely going to have to spend some time in your life. The times when I have to talk on the phone with my boyfriend. the time to meet I am trying for life when I have to talk online until midnight. Working to achieve goals Those who believe that doing more work is worth the time spent.

I don’t like restraints

Once you have a boyfriend, you should at least let your boyfriend know where you are going and what you are going to do, right? Some things are normal for me, but as a girlfriend, there are things that are not allowed. Those who don’t like being restricted and restricted in their rights and freedoms, those who want to have their own lives, live alone without a boyfriend.

Because there are things to prioritize

People who already have things to prioritize in their lives are often alone without a lover. For example – those who have decided to prioritize education. Those who have decided to prioritize family Because those who have a strong goal in life, who want to be crazy in life, can’t prioritize what they love more than these things. They are the ones who will boldly choose the priority things in their lives without hesitation, even if they are asked to compare the things that are number one in their lives with their lover.

I like to be alone

You may have wanted to leave your girlfriend before. However, being alone makes Phil happier. I don’t want to negotiate too much, I don’t want to solve the problems that make me angry. I want to stay calm During the free time, I only met with the boarders. just playing games I prefer a life where there is no one to bother me while I’m sleeping. I want to be independent. There is no sadness in passing through life

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