Qatar’s Stadium 974 will be demolished because it will no longer be used after the World Cup qualifier between Brazil and Korea.

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One of the stadiums that will host the World Cup in Qatar is Stadium 974. It is also named Stadium 974 because it was built with 974 containers.

In addition, the number 974 is also the country code of Qatar. In the history of the World Cup
It was also recorded as the first temporary stadium.

Stadium 974 has hosted 7 matches in this World Cup, and the match between Brazil and South Korea was the last match held there.

Stadium 974 will be demolished after the World Cup as no other match will be held after this match.

Qatar is the temporary venue for the World Cup
It cost millions of dollars.
When it was built, it was the only stadium without air conditioning.

Qatar has said that it will send those parts to the countries that need them after they are demolished. After the tournament, many seats will be removed in other arenas.

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