Seton’s predictions for today’s Japan vs. Croatia, Korea vs. Brazil, and tonight’s playoffs.

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Chris Seton, a BBC analyst, has released his predictions for the World Cup knockout matches that will be played on Monday night.

* Japan v Croatia (Monday 9:30 p.m.)

Japan will advance from the group, Nobody but me predicted that Germany would have to leave the group. I don’t think the blue samurai are finished at this level in this tournament. In this game, the game went to overtime minutes and Japan won.

I don’t know if I’m getting a little dramatic. Because Croatia also has good players.

Japan is a better team than they think they are. Technically, the players they got fit. At the moment, they are playing, but there are still needs, but it will be enough to advance to the next level.

Setton prediction results. . 1-1 draw during the regular 90 minutes of the game. Japan won 2-1 in overtime.

* Brazil v Korea (Monday 1:30 p.m.)

The South Korean team arrived at this stage quite late. Regardless of the next matches, the way they progressed from Group H to the group will definitely remain in the memory of this World Cup.

They will try well in this match. Against Portugal, they showed how good they are at the back. But I don’t think they will be able to stop Brazil in this game.

The outcome of the match will depend on whether Neymar will be able to return from injury. The news coming out of Brazil’s training camp is very bad, but I think Brazil will win this game even if Neymar is not there.

Setton prediction results. . Brazil 2-0 Korea

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