Evra predicts which team will win the clash between France and England

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Former French national team player Evra made the following prediction for the World Cup quarter-final match between France and England on Saturday.

* France vs England

I’m not in a trance, but I have faith. I am happy with what the French team is doing now. But I am also happy with what the England team is doing.

This will be an interesting match. The English team is worried about controlling a player like Mbappe, and France is worried about Foden. We have to worry about controlling players like Saka. Having to face the English team will cause concern for France.


It can be said that Kylie Walker will be introduced to stop Bombay P. He also stopped Neymar in the Champions League. But Mbappe will attack from the middle and face Johnstone and Maguire. They will have a hard time stopping Bubba.

I feel that France will beat England, but England is also capable of beating France. I’m confident going into this match, but I know we can face surprises.

I think France will win this match with 2-1 result. France would score first and England would get the equalizer. Mbappe’s best effort in the final minutes and France will score.

No extra time or penalties. If it goes to penalties, it’s a big risk for France. I love England but I will support France.

Evra’s prediction result = France 2 – 1 England

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