5 popular people who will win the World Cup best player award……………….

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A matter of interest in every World Cup is who will be the best player of the tournament this time. The most popular players at the moment have been compiled by Goal news agency.


Hakimi, who is causing all kinds of trouble along the right wing, has the highest number of clearances in the tournament, 11 times, for Moro, Croatia, He played a major role in helping to win the group with Belgium. After that, he successfully scored the decisive penalty in the round of 16 that won against Spain.

Dominic Leverkovic

Against Japan, he saved three penalties, becoming only the third goalkeeper to do so. He stopped Brazil again in the quarter-finals. Leverkovic, who made 11 saves during the match against Brazil, is undeniably the best goalkeeper of the tournament.

Anthony Griezmann

surprising labor rate; Griezmann was a key player for France with his fearsome technique. Although he hasn’t scored yet, he is a master of creation and the fact that there is only one person who has created more chances than him in this tournament proves this point.

Killiam MBP

Bubba has scored 5 goals in 5 matches in the World Cup. It’s no wonder that MBP is popular to win the best player award as well as the top scorer with his breathtaking performance throughout the tournament. Who is the best between Messi and him will depend on who is closest to the title.


His performance against Australia was compared to that of a god by Rio Ferdinand. After his amazing performance against the Netherlands, Messi scored a total of 4 goals. With 2 assists and the most chances created (16 times), he is in a good position to win the player of the tournament award.

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