Messi, who has come close to winning the World Cup with Argentina, who is a champion.

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Messi, the famous player of Argentina team, defeated Croatia team (3-0) with his skill and got the opportunity to attend the World Cup final stage for the second time in his international career.


The Croatian team, which knocked out South America’s leader Brazil in the quarter-finals, could not do anything unexpected against Argentina and had to lose by a goal.

The Croatian defense, led by young defender Guardiola and veteran player Lovran, lost their stability in this match and could not control Messi’s solo attacking, and young star Alvarez also scored skillful goals.

In the 34th minute of the game, Alvarez, who was running with the ball in the penalty area, was fouled by Croatian goalkeeper Leverkovic, and Argentina was awarded a penalty, and Messi made no mistake.

Croatia’s goalkeeper Levkovic, who showed his skills in penalty kicks in the previous games, could not stop Messi’s penalty kick.

Just 5 minutes after the goal was conceded, Alvarez got the second goal with a close shot by Alvarez’s solo attack, as the Croatian defenders constantly destroyed the ball.


In the 69th minute, Messi ran from the right side with the power of the ball and Alvarez, who was ready to break it into the penalty area, blocked the result of the match.

At the end of the match, Argentina won by a score of 3-0, and after 2014, they were allowed to return to the finals.


Argentina reached the final stage of the World Cup in 1930; 1978 1986, 1990 He participated in the 2014 and now 2022 competitions. Won the 1986 competition.

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