Look at ‘7 megatrend themes’, opportunities for growth in 2013 ‘Good basic stock, cheap price

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Let’s see if Last year, what were the megatrend themes that dropped less than their peers? It was found that 2 megatrend themes were as follows:

  1. The theme of health services (Global Healthcare) is the first theme that has decreased slightly. The return for the whole year of 2022 is only about -6% lower, despite last year’s stocks in the health care sector performing well during the volatile stock market and high inflation.

due to health service It is also necessary that everyone must use the service regardless of whether the economy is good or bad. especially benefit from the COVID epidemic that causes a large number of patients to receive treatment continuously Until this year, although many The country has already relaxed. There are still people who use the service uninterrupted.

“Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services ” expects the US healthcare industry to grow to a market value of $6.2 trillion by 2028. The key is the potential of US healthcare companies. who is a leader in the invention of advanced medical science Drive the growth of the health care industry continuously in the future. Considered as a factor supporting health stocks to grow in the long term.

  1. The Clean Energy theme is also a -6% drop, as is Healthcare. Last year, the clean energy theme took full advantage. from the Russo-Ukrainian War Until causing the price of oil to skyrocket Many countries see the importance of using alternative energy. And there are electric cars that became a big trend last year. Even on the roads of Thailand, the number of electric cars is starting to increase sporadically. There is also COP27 where many countries have pledged to achieve Net Zero Emission in the future, which is a major global cooperation. Make the clean energy theme a theme that has a future that can grow in the long run for 10-20 years.

Themes that dropped more than 50% in the last year are altogether 5 mega-trending themes as follows:

  1. The theme of marijuana You may remember earlier that there was a news that the United States had a draft law on marijuana and was approved by the House of Representatives in April. And currently there is no progress in the Senate hearing. Causing investors to rush to sell off
  2. Metaverse Theme Which is a mainstream theme in 2021, but last year, Meta’s share price, or Facebook, fell sharply by -60% as investors’ confidence in the metaverse world decreased.
  3. Themes of financial technology or fintech that 2022 is like a brewing year because it is affected by the price of Cryptocurrency decline, which has been a year of bad news. As a result, the selling pressure continued to decline as well.
  4. Cloud themes that used to be popular during the COVID epidemic crisis Because it benefits from Work From Home, but when the epidemic situation improves in many countries, there is relaxation. Some investors are worried that cloud growth will never be the same. Therefore, taking profits from cloud stocks last year As a result, it was affected by the fall as well.
  5. Ecommerce Themes has adapted as well as the cloud theme because the stock price has risen to a high level during the Covid-19 crisis, coupled with last year Popular Chinese e-commerce giants Alibaba, Pinduoduo and JD.com have been heavily repressed by the Chinese government and subject to large fines. causing investors to dump a large number of stocks

Read up to here and you will see that in 2022, most of the themes have decreased. caused by external factors In addition, annual returns are only short-term returns. Unable to project a clear long-term investment picture

For the year 2023, “Trawut” still sees it as an opportunity for investors to Invest in mega-trend themes, good basics, at lower prices over the past year. because if considering the performance It can be seen that the revenue of the company in each theme continues to grow strongly and normally if the company still has more income Each company tends to turn a profit. inevitably will have a positive effect on the stock as well

And that would fall into the category of ‘ good stocks at cheap prices’ that we should grab and wait for long-term returns. Like this, is there any other suitable time to invest? It’s time to ‘stop waiting’, right?

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