Samsung users ask, “Why does the S-Pen smell so bad?“

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Samsung clients inquire, “For what reason does the S-Pen smell so horrible?”

Electric plan is a field loaded with fluctuating conclusions and compromises. Organizations struggle with the actual states of their gadgets and the materials utilized, all attempting to make a top notch, premium-feeling gadget that fits with the requirements of large scale manufacturing. Material decisions typically base on cost, feeling, and sturdiness, yet how frequently do makers consider smell? Samsung clients are finding that in the event that you jump out the Universe S24 Ultra’s “S-Pen” pointer and give it a whiff like you’re heaving a marker, you’ll track down that it… smells unpleasant?

9to5Google tracked down the accompanying extraordinary post from Reddit client “LatifYil” named, “For what reason does my s pen smell so terrible?” The sentiment that “the S-Pen in my Galaxy S24 Ultra absolutely reeks” appears in nearly 250 comments, the majority of which are supportive. Either my nose is sensitive, or this thing’s internals are being barbecued while it’s unsheathed.” “Op got me to smell my pen” is the most popular and rated comment on the internet. Can affirm it’s a stinky boi.”

Everyone who has commented on the smell seems to agree that the Samsung stylus frequently smells like an electrical fire. One client composes that it’s “an exceptionally consumed and plastics smell.” The S23 Ultra stylus, according to another, “smells like new technology with a hint of burning,” A more elucidating analyst says it smells like “an electric blender that is turned on, yet the mixers are stuck up and can’t turn, so the engine is overheating.” The majority of the S-Pen is made of plastic, but it has a soft rubber tip that many users identify as the smelly part.

One client outlandishly recommended that the terrible stench was expected to a bitterant added to the S-Pen, like what is utilized on Nintendo Change cartridges to make them taste terrible, so coddles don’t put a potential gagging peril in their mouths. However, another user reports that the S-Pen tastes fine and admits to licking it! The Internet, don’t you just adore it?

The issue of the rank S-Pen was as of late raised on the Samsung people group discussions, as well, and Samsung worker “AndrewL” gave an assertion on the issue:

In the event that you could do without the smell of the S-Pen, you can continuously not smell it. The majority of users were unaware of the pen’s odor until someone pointed it out to them.

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