Latest Nothing OS 2.5.3 update to Phone 2 brings April 2024 security patch

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Most recent Nothing operating system 2.5.3 update to Telephone 2 brings April 2024 security fix

Nothing has reported that it is carrying out new firmware for the Telephone 2 — Nothing operating system 2.5.3. The most recent firmware update shared by means of Nothing’s X record uncovers the new highlights and upgrades coming to the Telephone 2, close to the most recent April 2024 security update. It will be carrying out to the gadget proprietors beginning this week.

Nothing operating system 2.5.3 on Telephone (2)What’s new: 🔮 Added choice to Not apply anything Symbol Pack exclusively to the home screen, for better openness in the Application Drawer.➡️ Further developed symbol association on the Home Screen by empowering clients to look at pages while holding application symbols.… 2, 2024

Telephone 2 clients will see another choice to “apply Nothing Symbol Pack” for the home screen, which commitments better openness in the application cabinet. Furthermore, clients will likewise see a superior symbol association on the home screen that permits clients to look at pages “while holding application symbols.”

Other outstanding enhancements with the Nothing operating system 2.5.3 incorporate a settled network issue with Bluetooth media players. The changelog from the tweet takes note of different improvements that come to the activitys in unambiguous situations for smoother advances.

Ultimately, the Telephone 2 proprietors can likewise encounter further developed framework dependability that vows to improve the general gadget’s exhibition in the new update.

The most recent operating system 2.5.3 update gives off an impression of being extremely past due, since Nothing’s different gadgets, similar to the Telephone 1 and the latest Telephone 2a, are far beyond the 2.5.3 update. Telephone 2 clients have been expecting the update throughout recent weeks now, yet it seems to Not be anything required its investment to bring the said firmware discharge.

The past Nothing operating system 2.5.2 rendition was delivered in January 2024, which carried a few new elements and customizations to the Telephone 2. It included direct admittance to the Glyph Jnterface’s Music Perception and different refinements to the lock screen interface, among others.

All things considered, the most recent gradual update is an expansion to the critical Nothing operating system 2.5 update, which carried Android 14 to the Telephone 2 in December 2023.

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