Samsung Galaxy A35 gets disassembled on video, receives high reparability score

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Samsung World A35 gets dismantled on record, gets high reparability score

Samsung sent off the World A35 last month as a lower-end partner to the A55, and together these appear to be the Korean organization’s mid-range legends for 2024, each covering a particular price tag.

In the event that you’ve been considering what the inner parts of the World A35 seem to be, then, at that point, this is your lucky day on the grounds that YouTube channel PBKreviews has recently finished a full dismantling and reassembly of the A35, and obviously shot it for our delight. So how about we watch.

To get inside the A35, a hairdryer is your companion evidently, and everything begins with taking the glass ease plate off, which uncovers a great deal of screws that need unscrewing. Then it’s down to disengaging a great deal of links, eliminating the mainboard which contains the back cameras, SIM and memory card peruser, as well as the chips. More link detachments and one screw unscrewing later, the subboard emerges. The battery has a force tab to assist you with eliminating it, and doing that uncovers a major fume chamber.

When the dismantling is finished, the reassembly fundamentally goes through precisely the same advances yet in turn around. Eventually, the System A35 got a 8.5 out of 10 reparability score (where 10 methods generally repairable, and 0 methods least repairable). The telephone scored most extreme focuses for parts accessibility and the simplicity of battery substitution, and high (however not greatest) focuses for within association and time required for fixes, the simplicity of supplanting the screen, and the simplicity of supplanting other different parts.

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