Some Galaxy phone screens are showing a nasty green line after an update

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Some System telephone screens are showing a frightful green line after an update

Numerous reports are twirling about a showcase misfire influencing some more established Samsung System telephones after a product update.

Android Authority reports that numerous clients are grumbling about a green line appearing on some World S21, S21 Ultra, and S21 FE models. This green line misfire disturbs the screen and actually might prompt different issues.

In the interim, SamMobile called attention to much more gadgets impacted, including the System A73, World M21, Universe M52 5G, World S21 FE, System S22 series, and World Z Flip 3, on top of the S21 series.

So this happened today @SamsungMobile @SamsungIndia. THE Biggest Apprehension about SAMSUNG AMOLED Client. It’s S22 furthermore, I refreshed my telephone yesterday late evening and in the first part of the day show showed its genuine nature. I didn’t drop my telephone or any unreasonable measure of tension was applied to it 1/3 16, 2024

This is in unsatisfactory Samsung. One more officer down. I was refreshing this to the April fix, System S21 Ultra. Samsung truly brought another green line issue . Goodness and btw , the telephone is in mint condition as you can see from earlier tweets in my TL. Kindly label clients for reach. 17, 2024

Clients have been seeing the green line issue either out of nowhere or just after they’ve introduced One UI 6.0 or the April 2024 security update. Along these lines, it seems like it very well may be attached to some product misfires. Besides, there are situations where the error springs up during weighty use, such as gaming.

It’s conceivable that some fundamental equipment issue deteriorated due to the update, appearing as those annoying green lines on the screen.

Luckily, the telephones are as yet ticking along fine and dandy. Generally, a fast reboot or an industrial facility reset ought to figure out these product hiccups.

In a messaged articulation to Android Focal, Samsung didn’t straightforwardly recognize the issue. All things considered, it offered the accompanying guidance:

“Samsung is focused on giving the most ideal portable encounters and item quality keeps on being one of our main concerns. In the event that you’re encountering an upward line side effect, kindly visit an Approved Samsung Administration Center to make a suitable move.”

It turns out this isn’t the principal rodeo for Universe telephones and green lines. Assuming you look back during that time or even years, you’ll find people catching a similar green line catch. Back in mid 2021, Samsung needed to unobtrusively yank a product update for the System S20 Ultra on the grounds that it brought along a green color and a small bunch of different cerebral pains.

Green lines aren’t precisely new with OLED screens, in any event, tormenting different brands like OnePlus. The interesting part is, nobody’s very certain what triggers them. Ideally Samsung can sort this out and get a fix out soon for System clients.

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